Illawarra Birth Classes is proud to
offer local independent
childbirth education
options for Wollongong families.

We know what it’s like to be pregnant and feel
overwhelmed with the idea of giving birth.

Preparation and education
is the key to
reducing fear and
increasing confidence.


Balanced, evidence-based knowledge to help you have a positive birth

Our classes are in-depth and cover both the physical process of labour so you know what to expect, while also giving you and your support person the skills to navigate your birth experience. Illawarra Birth Classes are taught by two birth doulas, Alyssa and Amelia, who are experienced with supporting births at Wollongong Public and Wollongong Private Hospitals.

Rather than teaching just one method for how to cope with labour, we will teach you both a large range of comfort skills. We also don’t tell you how you should give birth. We give you the skills and knowledge to best achieve whatever type of birth you are planning.
Whether you desire an unmedicated natural birth or plan on utilising medical pain relief,
we will ensure that you know your options.

Whether you are birthing at hospital or having a home birth, this class has everything you need to feel prepared and confident.

Why independent birth classes?

Hospital classes are a great start but to get modern, complete, unbiased education, independent antenatal classes are the best way to have all the information.

Recent studies show that people who attend independent birth classes experience:

  • less unnecessary interventions

  • less epidural use

  • shorter pushing stages

  • babies who are less likely to require resuscitation at birth

  • reduced caesarean rate

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Birth classes are for
partners too

It’s not just women who are daunted by the idea of labour and birth, most partners also have their own fears and worries.

The most common concern is seeing their loved one in pain and not knowing how to help. Which is totally understandable!

In our class, partners will learn how they can help you physically and emotionally to make birth easier.

Even though birth is unpredictable we also want you both to be prepared for common scenarios so will explain what to expect at our local hospital.


What you will learn

Our classes are a convenient one day prenatal class and couples will leave with in-depth knowledge about:

  • Stages of labour and what to expect in each phase

  • Physiology of birth

  • Hormones in labour

  • How your body helps you to cope with labour

  • How baby’s position can affect labour and how to help get them in the optimal position for an easier birth

  • How to know if you are really in labour and when it’s time to go to hospital

  • Comfort measures for coping with labour

  • Massage and acupressure for natural pain relief

  • Breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques that you can use during labour

  • How your birth support person can help you physically and emotionally

  • Interventions in labour - why and when they are done

  • Inductions and caesarean births

  • Medical pain relief options

  • Decision making for pregnancy and birth and how to know what’s right for you

  • How to write a realistic birth plan

  • Breastfeeding basics

  • How to have a positive postpartum

  • And more….!

Upcoming group class dates 2019

Saturday 27th July

Saturday 31st August (sold out)

Saturday 12th October

Saturday 16th November

Saturday 7th December


If you find that none of the dates for the group classes are suitable for you, we also offer private classes that can be scheduled when it suits you.


Imagine enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy feeling positive and prepared to give birth.

Instead of being scared you feel relaxed and even a bit excited that you get to embark on the life changing journey that is childbirth.

Having a deep understanding of birth gives you and your partner the tools and education to navigate your baby’s birth with confidence.